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System Updates

The Mentoring App Link Added

Members now have the ability to refer members directly to The Mentoring App by a unique link. The link has been added to the dashboard available URLs. The client will be able to join directly through The Mentoring App rather than going through the MFF Boot Camp. Use Case for this would be for members that would like to use The Mentoring App just as a Customer Relationship Manager. The MFF Boot Camp will still be packaged with The Mentoring App if they choose to go through the boot camp using their existing email and password for TMA.

Mass Email Outage [RESOLVED]

**FIX NOTE: All Systems are currently up and running. As a reminder do not enter email addresses into the system that does not belong to you, even if you know the person, this action could get you banned from using both Mentoring For Free and The Mentoring App, as well as illegal in many countries. We are aware of an issue with emails being sent from all systems under both The Mentoring App & Mentoring For Free as undelivered. We are actively working with Amazon Web Services to restore the email server.

Notes Section Unavailable [RESOLVED]

***FIX NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE CLIENTS ADDRESS LINES WITH ERRONEOUS INFORMATION THIS WILL CAUSE THE CLIENT TO LOCK OUT PREVENTING FUTURE UPDATES. **ISSUE: Some clients have been affected by an outage of the note section of The Mentoring App. We are working to resolve this issue and thank you for your patients.

Double Newsletter Emails [RESOLVED]

We have detected an issue with newsletters being sent out doubled up. We are working on resolving this issue. We have narrowed it down to the speed at which the application sends the emails. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will have this issue taken care of momentarily.

Autoresponder - Up & Running

Autoresponder is up and running. We have successfully built an autoresponder module within The Mentoring App. The emails written by industry leaders will be broadcasted every two days to your clients. The reply function will respond directly to you so keep client-mentor connection active. The special character issues in the earlier version have been resolved in this release. Thank you all for being part of The Mentoring App.

Success Team Builders Wrap Site Now Available Through The Mentoring App

You may now set up a "My Wrap Site" with The Mentoring App. Check out the below Video

Mentoring For Free Pro Member Signup

If you have signed up for Think & Grow Rich Lessons AND have a Mentoring For Free Pro Subscription this video is for you.

If you are new to The Mentoring App but already have a Mentoring For Free Pro Subscription.

First Week Success!

Thank you all for being apart of the opening of The Mentoring App, Mentoring For Free Boot Camp and My Mentoring Site. I am excited to announce that most of the major issues have been taken care of, I can now move forward with future function add-ins (Phase II). I also added the support section inside The Mentoring App. You now don't have to navigate to the splash page to report issues or see status updates.

Payment Processing Set To Go Live

Payment processing will be set to live mode on Friday, July 1st, 2016. Further testing will be limited to those who already have accounts set up. No further sandbox payments will be accepted. We are on schedule for the entire network to go live on July 4th, 2016!

System Opened For Testing

Starting this week, the entire network is open for testing to a select few. Keep an eye out for the testing invitation email. Users should test the functionality of creating or implementing an existing account onto the network. Beta tests may not refer members to MFFBootCamp.com as the payment system isn't active until the July 4th launch date. However, beta testers are requested to complete the Boot Camp themselves to better understand what goes into the system and report any issues. Beta testers can refer clients to their "mymentoringsite.com" and Think and Grow Rich Lessons. If a member is already enlisted with Think & Grow Rich Lessons, their ID will bind to your invitation when they click on it to go to TAGRL. Any questions shall be directed to https://www.thementoringapp.com/report, Thank you.