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Letter From The Creator

Welcome to The Mentoring App, The first Customer Relationship Management System ( CRM ) Built Exclusively For MLM Leaders...Remember This, How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

Linda and I started dating at age 15 and 16, got married at 19 and 20, we are celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary July 24 2016.

We have 39 years in the Network Marketing Industry with the last 29 years with full time debt free income, we created the Successful Mentoring For Free System December 4th 2004 12 years ago as a way to Coach, Mentor and Teach the Skills needed to create success in Life and Business.

Success is spelled ( SYSTEM ) a simple system that average people can plug into and and have amazing success because the SYSTEM is what makes the Duplication Multiply around the world. Having a Proven System that has Global reach will guarantee Your Business Success.

With the Mentoring App NO ONE will fall through the Cracks when You Go on vacation or Life gets so busy You don’t know what day it is, the System will Follow Up with Your Customers and Clients.

We Believe In You
Michael & Linda Dlouhy

Sucess In Ten Steps, By Michael Dlouhy

When someone says “WHY” should they read Success In Ten Steps by Michael Dlouhy what they are really asking is what is the “Social Proof” to “WHY” they should read Success In Ten Steps.

According to Amazon their Top 5 Authors sell 1,094 copies across all channels per day, that would be 1,094 copies per day times 365 days would be 399,310 books per year, over 12 years would be 4,791,720 books read, not QUITE “FIVE” Million books delivered.

Now that’s “Social Proof” for the top 5 Authors on Amazon.

Mentoring For Free launched December 04th 2004 and has tracked over 5 Million copies of Success In Ten Steps by Michael Dlouhy delivered over All Channels for the past 12 years.

If You want the Inside Scoop on the “HOW” be Successful in Your Home Based business then join the past 5 Million people that found out that their lack of Success in the past was NOT their Fault after reading Success In Ten Steps